Saturday, December 3, 2011

Courses I'll be taking at JUC:)

For those who wanna know just what I will be studying at Jerusalem University College, here's my tentative course list for Spring Semester 2012:

5/311 Physical Settings of the Bible
A study of the physical features of the land of the Bible, stressing geographical
factors affecting settlement and communication in the various regions.
Readings, preparatory map study, and lectures provide the background for
field trips. Relevant archaeological, historical and biblical material is
correlated with sites, roads, and features in each region, but the main emphasis
of the course is geography. Regions studied and visited include Galilee, Golan
Heights, Judah, Samaria, Negev, Shephelah, Jordan and Jezreel Valleys,
Benjamin, Sharon Plain, Philistia, and in Transjordan, Gilead, Ammon, the
Medaba Plateau, Moab, and Edom.

5/345 Jewish Thought and Practice
An examination of modern Jewish beliefs and practices with an emphasis on
their development throughout the ages. Topics include prayer, holidays, life
cycle, views regarding the Messiah and streams in Judaism. Includes field

5/348 Classical Islamic Thought and the Modern Middle East
A study of trends in Islamic thought as they developed in the Middle Ages and
exist today, including aspects of the Koran, theology, law, political thought,
mysticism, and modern religious and nationalist movements. Includes field

5/363 Historical and Social Settings of Modern Israel
A study of the history and society of modern Israel, with special emphasis on
social and political movements, institutions, settlements and neighborhoods.
Includes field trips.