Friday, September 7, 2012

Summer Fruits and gardens on campus!

 I woke up early a couple days ago and went out into the gardens and grounds around our JUC (Jerusalem University College) campus.   This is the season of the summer fruits, and I just wanted to show you what a beautiful place I am living at here in Jerusalem, hope you enjoy the tour.
 An arbor over a pathway....if you look over your head when walking beneath this you will see bunches of grapes hanging down!
 Ah, pomegranates!!  They are just beginning to get ripe. Some of the students have picked one and I've already tasted the sweet seeds inside. I'm waiting til they get just a little bit riper to pick and eat one.
 There's loads of pomegranates to go around.
 Picture of the grounds in front of the school buildings and dorms.
 Here's an olive tree.  I've never tasted an olive right off the tree...once these get ripe I will!!
 Here's some purple grapes hanging off the arbor.
 There also are green grapes hanging around.
 Another picture of the grounds, there are several places you can go to sit and read or study. Not sure what the tombstone-looking thing is, I probably should find out:)
The center of the buildings. The door to the left is where I go in to the dining hall. The upper door with the balcony in the middle is off the kitchen. The building to the right that angles out is the grad dorm where I live.
 Stairs going to the upper courtyard and entry to the dining hall.

 Entrance to a walkway that leads to a gate to a cemetary - you can see it way down there.
 Looking across part of the garden area, just so peaceful and beautiful.
 Up on the second story, the first 2 windows you see are from my bedroom!  The third window is in the bathroom which is right next to my bedroom.
 Another path in the garden area.
 Gate to the Protestant Cemetary.  Not sure who all is buried in there. But if you must be buried, having a spot on Mount Zion would be the way to do it:)
 I took this picture through the gate of the cemetary.
 I just can't stop taking pics of the pomegranates, they are so awesome.
A flowering tree just beneath the dorm building.

Another angle of the school buildings. You can see  guy in a red t-shirt (Ben) studying in the patio area.

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