Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Palm Sunday in Jerusalem!! pics and a video, come join us:)

Today was Palm Sunday, and I went on a walk on the ramparts (top of the walls) of the Old City, in order to get a good view of the thousands of people walking down from the Mount of Olives waving palm branches, on the same road where Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey the week before His crucifixion.  This is just a pic along the way.
 I am perched on the wall, looking down at the Church of All Nations, where all the people are supposed to emerge when they get down from the Mount of Olives.
 Double-click this one to make it larger, and you will see a stream of people (looks like ants) at the top of the Mount, making their way down.
 Here are dozens of buses parked at the foot of the Mount of Olives, who have dropped off their tour groups to join the march.
 From my vantage point, I am also looking down into a Muslim cemetary, where many other people are waiting for the parade of people, who will be entering the Old City at Stephen's Gate.
 I came down, lower, now positioned just in front of Steven's Gate, and see more people waiting for the crowd. In the top right, you see some JUC students, whom I was just walking with on the Ramparts, they are waiting as well, cameras in hand.
 Here comes the first of the thousand(s)!! They are all singing and marching (not sure how many people!)
Many children in the parade, having a good time.
 Enjoy this video, get a sense of what it was like to be there...I see several of the JUC students in this video, including Clara and Liz:)
 Chelsea, Amy, Emily, Rissy and Laura all have walked the distance, enjoying every step.
 More JUC students, everyone smiling, singing 'Hosanna!!'
 Well, there's Anna and Peter!!
 Not to mention Liz and the other Peter!!  Love those guys....
After they passed by, I jumped in the crowd and continued walking with them through the Stephen's Gate, which you see here, entering the Old City where the walk ended at St. Anne's church.

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  1. Cheryl!

    Thank you so much for your posts! I feel like I am there getting a better understanding of the culture and beauty of the City of David!