Monday, April 9, 2012

Passover evening - a Triclinium meal!!

 So what is a Triclinium meal?? It's a reclining meal, just like Jesus had with His disciples the night He was betrayed. Well, maybe not 'just like', but similar. Before the meal, which we had on Good Friday evening, I am having my feet washed by the 'servants'.
 The students really got into dressing up in togas, and they loved laying down to eat!!  A Triclinium meal is 3 tables put in a U-shape, and the servants come down the middle of the U to serve. Ordinarily, you wouldn't have people reclining/eating in the middle of the U, but we had to fit everyone in.
 We started our meal with some dried apricots, figs, nuts, etc. We ate food that would have been traditional to eat in Jesus' time.  Later we had some flat unleavened bread, and some delicious thick stew that we dipped the bread into. No forks or spoons allowed:)  Dessert was some kind of date cookie and fruit.
Dr. Wright did a wonderful job teaching us about the Triclinium meal, about where Jesus, the guest of honor would had traditionally sat, and where John, Peter and Judas would have sat, etc.  (Notice how some of the students are laying their heads on the table..hmmm, I don't know if that was in the script). He also did a wonderful narrative about Jesus' last week of life, I wish I would have had a recording of the whole thing.  Here's just a little taste of what he said:

 After a big meal, we are all just lounging around, feeling a little sluggish, but listening to Dr. Wright.
The best-dressed Toga wearers...don't they look spiffy??

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