Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pics and a Video from our recent Field Study Sun. 2/19

On our way to Jericho, here's a look at the Judean Wilderness, where Jesus stayed for 40 days alone. It was like looking at a moonscape, so vast, so barren and intimidating.
 Me 'n a few of the girls in the Wilderness, the town of Jericho is way off in the distance.  Notice the 'open heaven' above us...Wow!!
 A man and his dog, I mean camel, were walking by. He, of course, wanted to sell us a ride.  The little boy and his donkey (below) had some jewelry to sell us, he wasn't more than 4 or 5 years old.
 Above is a short video of the Greek Orthodox monastery we visited.  We walked a long way down into a gorge and then up again to get to the monastery, and then had to walk a looooonnngg  way back up to the bus. The monks inside did give us some Turkish coffee while we waited for the rain to subside.
 Below is Jericho, the modern city. Jericho has always been an oasis in the desert.  It has several natural springs that allow agriculture and beauty in the middle of a barren desert. Jesus came here often, it is where he met Zaccheus, too.
 See this stone tower??  It is the oldest excavated ruins of a city found in the entire world!! Per archaeologists,  it is estimated to be from around 8000 BC, from the Neolithic age, which makes it 10K years old.  So Jericho is considered to be the oldest city in the whole world!!
We ended our day at Gezer, a city on a hill from which you can see the entire coastal plain of Israel. Standing on this spot, Dr. Wright pointed out Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Ashkelon, and all the way down to Gaza, we could see all those cities from one spot.  Then the sun set, we had to go home, I was exhausted (11 1/2 hours of walking up and down hills, seeing, learning, being continually amazed.

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