Thursday, February 23, 2012

Took a walk - took a few pics - Damascus Gate

 So when I need a break from studying, I just walk to the Old City!!  (Can you even imagine having that for a diversion?) The Old City of Jerusalem has 7 operative gates right now, and I had never been through the Damascus Gate, which is on the north side of the city (I live on the south side)
 The entrance to Damascus Gate, the most ornate gate of the city.
 Fruit market, just inside the gate,
 Shops, shops and more shops, long roads of more and still more shops.
 How about some fresh strawberries?? They are in season right now, delicious!
 Snapped this photo on the way back to school, the hill in the foreground is the southern end of the Mount of Olives, the neighborhood is called Silwan.
Back to school, Home Sweet Home, fumbling to find my key to unlock the gate. God is good!!

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  1. Every Picture could be a Post Card.... WOW... You are So Lucky. I love the Ceramic Sign, I do stuff like that.