Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ashdod, on the Mediterranean Sea!

 Today, the 5 of us (Edith, Maureen, Simantov, his wife Linda, and I) head to a Mediterranean beach in the city of Asdod. This is another 'border' we want to pray at, for protection over Israel. On the ride from Jerusalem to the coast, we are passing a site that Simantov says is where Israel's nuclear capabilities are.  Wow.
 Here we stopped at a dry riverbed...the riverbed where David picked up 5 smooth stones to slay Edith is doing the same:)
 We have arrived at Ashdod, a beautiful sandy beach, lots of families out enjoying the beautiful weather.
 We are 'strategizing', deciding where/how to pray for Israel in the place.
 These three decided to wait on the shore, and Edith and I waded in. It felt soooo good on our feet!!
 Maureen came out to join us.  We are all three praying for Israel. Edith is praying that even the sea creatures (whales, dolphins, etc) will be used to protect her.
 A passing ship.
We are walking along the beach now, continuing to pray.
 The day is getting late, time to head back home.
 The three of us 'girls' headed back to Jerusalem to do some shopping!! Edith is looking for just the right shofar...she is absolutely the best shofar blower I have ever heard. She had just blown one to try it out, and this orthodox Jewish boy and his 'grandfather' stopped to stare and smile at her. I think they were pretty amazed. Every time she would blow the shofar, a crowd would gather. One passing Rabbi told her "you can come blow that in my synagogue anytime!!"  Another Rabbi said "women don't blow shofars!!"  A woman passing by remarked "..better than any man!"  Let's just say everyone had something to say about this!
 Edith is blowing another shofar at a different shop her...So this guy picks up a shofar and tries to do it like she does:)
 She can even blow two at once!!!  I"m not kidding...
Well, here we are at a restaurant, stopping to get something to drink after all that shopping!!

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