Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Jewish Market (Shuk)

 I want to show you the Jewish Market, or "Shuk"...on the way in the car I saw this '24/6' sign...seems unusual, but not in Israel, where the Jewish neighborhoods faithfully observe Shabbat (Sabbath)
 A look at Ben Yehuda street, a very busy pedestrian street, lots of shops and activity, especially in the evenings.
This is Jaffa Street...no cars go on this road, but by the rail tracks, you can tell the lite train goes on this road. We had to ride the train to get to the shuk, since there is no parking anywhere around the shuk.
 The train is coming!! We had to use the kiosk you see the guy standing at to each buy a ticket for about 7 shekels each (less than $2).
 Pretty crowded on the train that day.
 Here we are at the bountiful Jewish market (shuk)!
 Olives, Olives, Olives everywhere, all different kinds...
 Grapes Galore!
 Dates and Dates and more different kinds of dates, and also some figs!  Edith, Maureen, and I each sampled a 'date' here:)
 Some smelly fish added to the ambience of the shuk:)
 BREAD, oh it smells so good, fresh and delicious!
 Got a sweet tooth?  Well here's every color candy you can imagine!
 Pomegranates are in season, so pretty and soooo good:)
 Have you ever seen a whole fresh fig??? Well, here they are and now you have!
Edith and I are sitting outside the building where we met in 2008! We met when I was on a tour in Israel with  Eagles Wings, and Edith just happened to be in the same prayer tower (there's a house of prayer up on the 14th floor of the building behind us).  We couldn't believe we were some the same town (Brunswick), yet met in Jerusalem! Yes, Edith and Maureen are back in the states now, and I am just getting this blog out. I miss them, they were great roommates, we did 'great exploits' together:)

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