Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Zechariah Garden

We were invited to come for 'tea' one afternoon at a couple's home, Mirabelle and Michael who are from the UK. This is the view from their outside patio and garden. We are overlooking the Hinnom valley up towards Mount Zion, where I go to school.
 View from the same garden, looking down into the Hinnon Valley as it winds to meet the Kidron Valley. That is the Mount of Olives in the distance, a beautiful view on a beautiful day. Mirabelle wants to show us her "Zechariah Garden" and invites us to sit outside in their "Sukkah".
 Mirabelle and Edith are in the Sukkah, on their patio, a plate of fresh pomegranates on the table.
 Standing in the garden, looking toward the Sukkah, here is a lovely fountain. Mirabelle and Michael created this garden out of the plants and items found in the book of Zechariah. Ch 13:1 speaks of a fountain.
She has myrtle and an apple tree in her garden (which are in Zechariah), but this beautiful rose caught my eye.
Discussing the garden and what's going on in Israel over some tea and cookies.
 The tree you see here is an olive tree, and in the distance is the Mount of Olives.
 Edith, myself and Maureen, standing on the back wall of the garden, which represents a "Wall of Fire" mentioned in Ch.2:5.
When fully in bloom, the 'wall' looks like fire, here is one solitary bloom, which is a 'fire' blossom.
 Maureen can't help but smell every bloom she says, it is so fragrant!
 Another gorgeous rose blooming perfectly, just for us:)
 Michael and Edith in the Zechariah Garden. Right behind Michael is a small 'sukkah' with a bench, that you can sit on and read/relax/meditate here in their garden.
 Mirabelle and Michael, a precious couple who love Israel and are here just to pray for her.
This is a large mosaic on the wall inside their apartment done by an artist they know. It depicts the mount of Olives being split, and you can see the river running through the city of Jerusalem, the one that comes from the throne and brings life, all the way down to the dead sea, it is just beautiful.

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