Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baptism in the Jordan River! come see what it is like...

Yesterday I had the awesome experience of going with one of our students, Clara (who is dear to my heart) to be baptized in the Jordan River. She was baptized by another one of out students, Ikwan, who is a Korean pastor at a Korean congregation in Tel Aviv.
 This is where we turned's about a 40 minute drive from Jerusalem, near Jericho, in the Jordan River Valley next to the wilderness.  This is the actual site (or close to it) where Jesus was baptized, as the scripture says he went down from Bethany to the Jordan, and Bethany is close by.  There is another more popular site for baptism up near the Sea of Galilee called Yardenit, but this one is closer and just right for Clara, who has been wanting to do this for weeks.
 Clara has to get here's the women's changing area.
They have these cool bamboo changing booths.
 Look what I get to wear!
 Here's the site...the Jordan River is not very wide here. That's the country of Jordan you see across the river with the church, as the Jordan River is the border between the two countries.
 Clara with her 2 roommates, Chelsea and Liz.
 Ikwan goes in the water to check it out, but went in a little too deep!!
Definitely a great and memorable day in her life:)
 Ok, here goes....(watch the video)

 Baptized, Blessed, Beaming...
 A little Korean boy about to be dedicated to the Lord and baptized.
Dad proudly holds his son as Ikwan blesses him with the water of the Jordan River.

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