Sunday, March 4, 2012

First day of our 3 day long Field trip - The Shephelah and Coastal plains

 Here's Hermana and Aubrey, posing by a really old olive's a cold rainy day, but that does not stop us from seeing the sights. Today we are headed for the Shephelah, which is low hill country that is between the coastal plain (on the Mediterranean), and the Judean hill country that runs down the center of Israel like a spine.
I found this cave for short people that was calling my name:)
 We stopped by this "wadi" (means river bed) that is normally dry all year long..but this year Israel has been blessed with abundant winter rains, and look at the water!! These guys are skipping rocks on it. Israel is totally dependant on fall and winter rains for agriculture and water supply, since it doesn't rain the entire summer.
 Well, here's some ruins,wow, I have seen a lot of those. They looked ruined to me.  This is at Beth-Shean, the area that Samson grew up, and slew a lion, and hung out with sneaky women, and set some foxes' tails on fire and let 'em loose in the grain fields, etc, etc.
 Me 'n Clara on top of some ruins of  Judean palace.  I'm carrying my clipboard because the field work is our classroom and we are always taking notes:)
 Here we are at the Mediterranean sea!!  Too cold and too rough to swim, but we enjoyed hanging out for a little while there.  Note that this is supposed to be an all girl picture, and see what Steve and Joshua are doing behind us!!
I climbed a hill to get this shot...pretty awesome and beautiful.  I took these pics yesterday...wait until you see some of the pics I took today.  I actually climbed a really high sheer cliff...and made it to the top...stay tuned, you won't want to miss those pics, when I have a chance to upload and post. We are busy, busy,busy, I am posting these from a youth hostel we are staying at. Tomorrow we are headed to Masada and the Dead Sea, and Qumran caves were the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Can you tell I am having fun???:)

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