Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Derek Prince's gravesite, and an awesome mural

A couple days ago I was walking along a street with Hermana, and a gate was open to a cemetary.  Hermana said "this is where Derek Prince is buried, but I've never seen the gate open" (well-known Bible teacher, great friend of Israel), so we walked inside to see his grave.
 Derek Prince's grave, I love the inscription.
Here's his grave again, and right behind it was this most outstanding huge, life-size mural, painted on the wall surrounding the cemetary, depicting the history of the Jewish people.
 I can't show you the whole thing, because it's a work in progress, but it starts here with Adam and Eve.
 Here the seed of the woman (the Lion of the Tribe of Judah) is crushing satan's head.
 Abraham and Sarah.
 This one is Hagar and Ishmael.
 Here Joseph is reunited with Benjamin and his brothers.
 Moses and the Red Sea.  In the middle of us looking at the mural, we see a woman with a paintbrush, she is the artist and has been painting this thing for a couple years, still working on it. We spoke with her for quite some time, and even prayed with her. Her name is Patricia, she is a Christian, not Jewish, but loves Israel. Her website is http://www.jerusalemwalloflife.org/ if you want to know more and see more picturesl
 This part of the wall is above a smaller stone fence, but that is Miriam dancing after crossing the sea.
 I had to show you this one, and the sun was shining on it so the picture is not as great ....intead of depicting the cross (because a cross is very offensive to most Jews), she depicts a lamb with a crown of thorns on his head being led up the road to Golgotha towards an altar, going of his free will, along with a roman soldier and a jew. She received this image in a dream and then painted it.   Beautiful.
 This is the garden scene after the resurrection. Mary recognizes her risen Lord.
Here is Jesus in His glorified state in the book of Revelation chapter 1. The sword out of His mouth, the seven stars in His hand, standing amidst the 7 lampstands, which are the churches, etc.  Powerful..I had never seen an artist's depiction of this before.

Just last night, at a meeting at Succat Hallel (the 24/7 house of prayer), I turned around and there was Patricia, the artist!! We talked some more, and she is going to come visit me at the University. How cool is that:)


  1. Patti S is a true saintly lady and God inspired artist, we have met her at her work

  2. I'm surprised everyone's caught up with the crucified or baby images of Jesus (or Mary even). If he returned, I would expect something much like the image here as described in Revelations. The only inconsistency is that it's stated that his hair was white. I also expect the sword to be more in his mouth/throat, too; looking rather uncomfortable. And the eyes aren't quite so fiery...

  3. Sister thank you for sharing this. I was listening to Derek Princes and th en the end shall come and decided to see where Derek was buried. Im so glad the gate was open and you met the artist Patricia and showed us pics of our beloved brother in Yahushua Ha Machiak. I pray we will all meet at Abbas table . Thank you and God bless you.